8 Must-Have Shawls


# 01 Chiffon
Great for layering – light and soft fabric.
3 words: Airy, Sheer, Light

If you are the type that loves draping and layering, Chiffon is THE material you seek. It gives that flair that you need and does not require many pins to keep it place. It is one the most sought after hijab material.

Occasion: It is great for daily look or for events. It is an excellent gift for bridesmaids to don on your wedding

P.s You might need a ninja undercap to keep it in place as it is usually sheer and airy.


# 02 Pashmina
This is one of the starter shawls for a newbie hijabi to try out. Retailing around $3 to $5, it is one of the easy maintenance that you can don. One plus point is that you can use it in a free style way that will not restrict your movements. Not only that, it is light weight and perfect for loose hijab styles. However, the downside to this material is that you have to be extra careful, as it is easily snags when you use your brooch or safety pins.

P.S It is cheap but not so durable.


#03 Viscose
Another staple shawl that is a must have in every hijabi shawl collection. It mostly comes in maxi and it provides the extra coverage at your chest and back area. Not only that, it is perfect for voluminous hijab styles as it is lightweight.

It is quite affordable as the price range from $8 to $15 and it comes in multiple colours and prints! It is by far one of my favourite shawls as it does not require ironing it and you only need 1 or two pins/brooch to help to secure it, which is just perfection for every day look.

Honestly, I would not recommend this shawl for events or fancy occasion. It is more for daily use – rugged look.

P.s Do check on your viscose shawl before purchasing as it might not have the same thickness despite it saying 100% viscose. Some might be thicker than the other.


#04 Georgette
Georgette is another material similar with chiffon. However it is more opaque comparing to chiffon. Also it is not as smooth and lustrous unlike chiffon. The distinct aspect about georgette is the crepe-like texture that has this extra springy to it which feels slightly rough and dull but the gives the shawl a bouncy and matte look to it.

It is good for draping as well and for a fancy occasion—pairing with a dress and heels. It is quite durable and affordable – slightly pricier than chiffon due to the thickness of the material.  It does not snag easily and able to wrap the hijab style effortlessly.

P.s Recommended for all – durable and affordable



#05 Satin
Stain has this glossy surface and a dull back that may vary in shine, thickness, flexibility, and weight.

Satin is more delicate than silk and so when handling it, more care is needed.

One thing for sure, printed or plain satin shawls or square hijab adds that touch of luxury and elegance to your outfit. It is perfect for occasion wear and even for weddings.

P.s Choose dark colors if you are a satin newbie then slowly start experimenting bright colors next


#06 Silk
Others might mistake silk with satin however – here’s one distinct way for people like us to differentiate. Silk has this shimmering appearance while satin has a glossy side and a dull/matte side.

For price wise – it varies. Some can be as affordable around $18 or it can even reach up to few hundreds or more!

Just a brief introduction, Silk is natural as it is made from cocoons of silk worms while satin is man made. Therefore it is obvious that silk has more strength and more durable than satin.  Mostly Silk has this value added that makes one outfit stands out. However, it can be too silky that you might need more pins to secure it in place.

P.s Printed silk scarfs are best to go with plain color dresses


#07 Jersey
This stretchy, soft cotton is breathable and lightweight. Jersey shawls are perfect for an everyday wear. One of the shawls that you can easily drape over your head and not worry about pins as it will stay in place. Not only that, it provides the comfort that you need.  

It works well in warmer climates especially in Singapore weather, so you can use it for morning runs etc as it absorbs sweat easily. It mostly comes in plain colors that perfect for both everyday look or says when you want to dress up.

P.s The material tends to cling on your face, following your face shape.


#08 Crepe
Crepe hijab is currently on popular demand in the market. With it durability and providing a matte finish, it appeals more to the younger target audience. It comes either in shawls or snoods. Many prefer crepe due to its capability of staying in place despite being light and airy. Not only that, it varies in weight and opacity. Crepe has a flowy drape that is versatile for any hijab style.

P.s Opt for pastel colours to create a soft look for the outfit.